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Sporty Girls, Sweaty Panties

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On a sultry summer afternoon, a short-haired coed practices her tennis serve. Her short skirt swings up, gives us a sneaky peek at the proper cotton panties just above the graceful curve of her buttocks. As she leans down to smooth her bobbed hair, her gray panties are in full view, and when she sits to check her mobile phone, we see dark creases of sweat around the soft mound of her privates.

A studious schoolgirl sits reading with her book perched across her properly held-together knees. But underneath, the view up her short skirt show a pair of warm moist panties clinging to her smooth crotch. Fortunately, her SMS messages have her so involved she has no idea the naughty show she's providing to passersby.

There's not a trace of false modesty in our sailor-suited schoolgirl chatting on her cellphone. Resting an elbow on her upturned knee, her legs are wide apart, airing out pretty patterned panties.



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