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The Permeating Perfume of Peepee

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As the plastic cover on the piss pool is drawn back, it's getting fuller and the air is filled with its overwhelming fragrance. A girl with shiny striped shirtdress keeps a disposable breathing mask over her face to filter out the aroma. She drops her powder-pink panties and ties her dress up out of the way. Her urine sprays out in little dribbles at first, then a big hot stream splashes into the half-filled pool. Girl number 39 has relieved her bladder into the golden depths of the pink pool.

A frilly lady in navy and white keeps her manicured fingers over her face to filter out the smell. She straddles one corner and hikes her diaphanous white skirt to keep it clean and pristine. Her piss splashes out in little spurts, then she straightens out her long legs and blots peepee off her furry poon. Our last pee-driven lady has upped the count to a whopping 40 in our wet, golden harvest.



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