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Sporty Pee Girls Straddle and Splash

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An athletic lvovely in a team shirt grabs her crotch. When presented with the deep little pool to piss in she hesitates, then hikes up her long white skirt and squats over the top to aim a wild, splattering stream in.

A ladylike miss doesn't think she can pee into the pungent pool, but finally has no choice when the pressure in her bladder takes precedence. She pulls down her flowery panties and stands gingerly by the corner to piss into the deepening yellow lake. We're up to 29 puddles of pee added to the hot aromatic pool.

Girl number 30 has a long dress marked "73". She doesn't want to piss into the holding tank of feminine peepee, but would just as soon get it over with. After she splashes her stream in, she giggles at what she's done and turns over her number in the count.



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