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Pee Springs Eternal

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The aromatic pool of piss gets deeper and more pungent as each lass adds her stream. Girl 23 straddles and squats down and her peepee splashes when it hits the growning deep puddle. When she reaches for a tissue to blot her wet pussy she almost loses her balance and falls in.

A proper young thing in v-neck sweater and dark skirt starts by removing her panties, then can't quite figure out how to add her splash to the pool without getting her shoes soaked. She stands and aims a hot steaming spray into it from the side, smiling mischievously. As she steps away the yellow rubber duckies float on their lake of girl piss.

A long-haired lovely perches at one corner and laughs as her stream splashes into the fragrant collecting pool. She covers her nose as she turns the count over to number 25.



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