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A tall slender babe in purple stands nervously at the crosswalk. She tries not to grab her crotch but there's no mistaking how badly she needs a piss. clattering by pedestrians, she races past graffiti-ed walls to a narrow clearing next to a car. She hikes one foot on the car to aim her pee, but the foot slips down halfway through. Leaving a steaming puddle behind, she straightens her short skirt and hurries away, with our cameraman only steps behind to zoom in on her sexy butt.

A ponytailed lass texts a friend and drinks some juice. it goes right through her and she needs to pee immediately. Her blue frilly skirt billows behind as she rushes to a secluded spot. Steadying a foot against a fence, she pulls her panty crotch to the side to let the pee flow freely. When she steps down both shoes splash in the hot steamy piss puddle before she sneaks away.



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