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Ruffles and Hot Piss

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A frilly co-ed in a ruffled skirt sits and cools off with a cold drink of water. That leads inevitably to the next step, finding somewhere to splash out all that excess fluid. She combs the street for a vacant restroom, but settles on ducking into an alley. Holding her aching tummy, she pulls her panties down and aims a hot stream between two traffic cones. He piss splashes everywhere, even on her panties and shoes. She steps aside, leaves the wet panties and scurries away. Our cameraman adds a pair of moist pink panties to his collection.

A casual honey in rose-colored dress tries to squat with knees together and feet apart to shoot a stream of peepee without soaking her legs and panties. She doesn't succeed, and walks off with the wet panties in her clenched fist. Finally finding a proper restroom she washes them and wrings out the pissy stains.



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