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Thin Blonde Finds Out Why

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A slender honey blonde in black hoody that reads "Why?" slathers a bit of lube onto the cameraman's protruding plastic dildo, holds it between thumb and finger. She beams with a big smile as she showily works it with tongue and lips. Standing, she removes the hoody and lowers her dress' top and bra to expose a pair of lean, perky breasts. Topless, she crouches forward and begins a steady rhythm of sucking.

When she removes her rose colored panties, she shows us the creamy stains inside and the cameraman encourages her to sniff them. She does with a giggle then sets them aside as she climbs on the hard plastic rod. Parting her tan lips with the head, she rubs it against her sensitive clit. She's ready now to take it in, and bears her weight down to feel it slide into her tingling insides.

Sitting with one leg on either side of the cameraman's thighs, she rides for a moment then turns back to giving it a juicy blowjob. Sitting back, she spreads her legs and uses her fingers to part the downy pussy hair so we can see her wet lips.



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