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Trendy Lass Fingers Herself

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A sporty young thing amuses herself with a hula hoop, rotating her hips sensuously as we can spot the tight white panties beneath her t-shirt. A creamy white popsicle turns into a seductive prop as her mouth glides along its cool edges. A cool mouth contrasts with her hot pussy. She's drawn to her panties, multicolored nails standing out against the clean white cotton. She reaches in as we watch the contours of her hand caressing her clit.

The melting popsicle leaves a creamy residue that drips off her lips and down her chin, creating a juicy erotic scene. Pulling the crotch of her panties aside, she rubs little circles across her mound. It's smooth and hairless, swelling at the clitoris as she buzzes it to life with her soft fingers.

She lies back and rubs, moaning little cries of pleasure as her lower back tenses and hips thrust up to meet her fingers. Satiated, she catches her breath and rolls to her side.



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