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Breasts in the Breeze

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A pretty girl and a soft breeze can lead to delightful views of something she'd like to keep hidden. A jacketed girl tries to adjust her tank top but ends up hiking up her sweater over a perfect pair of boobs. A sweet feminine lovely tries a shortcut over the fence but catches her top on the fence and has to expose herself to the world working it loose. She scurries off embarrassed. A college coed wears a denim skirt and layered sweater, so she barely knows when she smooths her skirt she's opening her jersey to passing viewers. Her nipple is hard and perky in the cool air.

An office girl scoots home in a rainstorm and darts into an alley to wipe the rain off her camel coat and her freshly done hair. When she sops the drops off her shoulders the top droops down over her pretty titties.



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