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Prim Young Things Toot Their Asses for the Camera

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Two school friends sit on the bed while the cameraman lets them know they should hike their skirts and blow farts into each other's faces. Needless to say, they are redfaced with embarrassment, but intrigued. First up is the bob-haired brunette, who pushes in vain as her friend wafts her hands toward her face and sniffs for a smell of gas. maybe it works better when she squats and grunts atop her galpal's face. Finally she fouls the air and both wave the smell away.

Primed and ready to take her chance, the longhaired friend stands with butt proudly out in her buddy's face and tries in vain to pop out a fart. Then each poses on all fours with the other's face pushed into the crotch of their panties. They giggle and their eyes burn from the ripe smell of ripping ass. Smiling and trying to regain their composure, they smooth their skirts and glance at the camera for approval.



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