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Gassy Girls Giggle and Sniff

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When the cameraman suggests to two coeds that they show off their panties then blow farts into each others' faces, their faces turn a rosy pink hue. But instead of running away like good girls, they giggle and take up the challenge. Hiking up their proper black pleated skirts, they show off their mounded crotches and round firm asses. One bends over and expels a ripping wind into her friend's face, to much embarrassed laughter.

The other crouches on all fours ass up for her pal to stick her face firmly into her crack, then pushes out a tiny pop of smelly gas. She tries again standing and bending but is too shy to let 'er rip. Her helpful galpal suggests she sit with knees up and feet apart while the friend sticks her face up just beneath her panties. Still no gas. Both girls erupt in giggles at her repeated attempts. Finally she pumps out a geyser of stinky vapor as the friend lies below and between her crouching legs. Half laughing and half ashamed, the girls stand and snicker.



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