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Kimi is a Pleasant Peasant

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Kimi is a lovely 20-something with adorable crooked teeth and a flowery belted peasant dress. She teases the camera with her nimble little feat and buzzes her date with a teeny pink vibrator. When she peels down his shorts he's already sporting an impressive hardon. She dribbles some saliva on it and works it with her mouth and hands, licks it along the length like a long hard lolly.

She pulls down her dress and hikes it around her waist to show off her pert nipples and downy pubes that frame her neat little pussy. He fondles and rubs a finger across her magic button, and soon she's rolling on a rubber to take him inside her. She's tight and has to slowly work him into her, but concentration and deep breathing do the trick. Kimi rides his cock as her titties bounce happily along. She speeds up and bobs like a rider on a crazed stallion.

Keeping the dick inside, she finds a smooth rhythm to grind back and forth. Her mouth falls open a bit as she abandons herself to the hot sensations inside her. Her body pulses as she rocks and rides, and the sensation is all she can take. She climbs off, politely smiles and pulls on her panties to say goodbye.



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